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The clarinet is a single-reed musical instrument and it's the largest instrument from the the woodwind family. The most standard clarinet is tuned in B♭ and has 17 keys. Its notes are made with finger holes and key mechanisms. The clarinet is a reed instrument, so you use your mouth to blow through the mouthpiece that contains the reed. This enables air to go through the instrument to produce sound with the vibration of air. Student clarinets are usually made from resin, while professional ones are usually made from African hardwood.

Our virtual clarinet will help you to learn how to play this musical instrument in no time. This is a fun and risk-free way to learn to play the clarinet. Our app works on all desktop computers (including Windows and Mac), all mobile devices (IOS and Android) and all other platforms.

Here are the instructions on how to play the virtual clarinet online.

For PCs: For Touchscreens
We hope you enjoy playing the virtual clarinet online! If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.


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